Developing a conscious lifestyle: 5 easy ways to save money and also planet Earth

15/2/2019 6:27 PM

Global warming is no longer a myth. The reality is that we consume the planet’s resources at an unhealthy rhythm and things are out of balance a few years back. In Costa Rica, there is visible trash in many parts of the country and it is known that most rivers near the cities are polluted. Every day we see more and more images being shared in social media of melting glaciers, plastic in our oceans and black smog over cities all over the world. To not prolong the tragedy, and give a little bit of light to the problem, here are 5 easy ways to save money and lead a more responsible lifestyle with the environment in mind.

You do not need to become a hippie, use candles as lights and avoid showers. We do not promote extremes when what we are trying to suggest is achieving balance. Here are practical and logical things you can do. You will also be benefited economically because the idea of saving also applies to the money you spend.  

  1. Lighting: invest in light bulbs and domestic appliances, open windows

Around 20% of the electricity produced in the world is used for lighting, and from this percentage, it is approximated that 70% is wasted or misused because of old technology or forgetful habits. Today there is new technology that allows us to save energy and save money.

It is as simple as replacing the old technology light bulbs called incandescent to the more energy efficient newer option of fluorescent light bulbs. Although the initial cost is more, their lifespan ranges between 10,000 and 12,000 hours versus old incandescent barely make the 1,000 hours. You can reduce your electricity bill by 80% and also help the environment.


We also recommend investing in appliances that are high in energy efficiency. This new technology is very useful and it is important that we make the most of it. You can find ovens, microwaves, heaters, and all sorts of appliances with the certificate of being highly efficient in energy consumption in many stores. They produce the same amount of heat or light (whichever energy form their purpose is) using less energy.

 Lastly, use natural lighting. Our windows are designed for that and you can read about all the benefits that having direct sunlight in your house has here (link to article). Opening up curtains so that natural light enters your study or work space is a great recommendation. It’s easy to do and once you get into this habit, you will continue doing it and being benefited by it! Forget that desk lamp during the day. Use daylight to your pocket’s and the environment’s benefit. It is also healthy to your mind and can help you focus even better. You can also paint your walls with light colors so that natural lighting reflects and the environment is not only focusing but also relaxing.


  1. Disconnect what you are not using

If you are not using the coffee maker, the microwave and the cable is at your reach, unplug it. All electronic chargers or plugs have a ‘standby’ consumption that you can very easily save up by unplugging it when you are not using it. This goes to phone chargers, your TV, your desktop computer and other cables that are just plugged but not being used. If you are gone during the day and these are ‘off’, then try to plug them. Once you go back and need to use them, plug them in. This simple and small action that takes less than 10 seconds can save you money and help the planet as well! A recent study calculated that approximately 5% of the total consumption of electricity in a household comes from appliances and chargers on ‘standby’ mode.


  1. Bike, bus or walk: no more cars!

 Public transportation, whether it is bus, biking, skating or walking, is a great choice for your body, your wallet and the environment. Carbon emissions that are emitted by cars, motorcycles and even the buses, are on the rise. Costa Rica, just like most countries, imports gasoline from abroad, which has an impact on the local economy. Using a car affects the air we live in and the economy which we are part of. We are all related in a way or another to this issue and opting for alternatives allows us to be part of the solution!

Biking to work or to run errands, even walking, skating or using public transport is a great option. You will move your body and become active, save gas money, parking and traffic time, and minimize the impact we are causing. Nowadays there are apps like Google Maps or Moovit that can make it very easy to navigate bus and public transportation in almost any city in the world. Consider this and forget taking your car out so many times in one day!

  1. Water 

One of the most abundant resources our planet offers us is water, yet one of the most wasted ones as well. It is important that we avoid and check if there is water being drained or misused in our home’s pipes. We can also opt for toilets and showers that use less water. We can even take shorter showers and close the faucet when brushing our teeth. These simple steps, if turned into a habit, can reflect a smaller water bill at the end of the month. Additionally, you will have again, contributed to help the planet.


  1. Food

 An easy way to save and create consciousness is to stop, analyze and choose what is actually necessary. Do I really need this huge pack of Oreos? Will I ever use this frosting for a birthday cake? Is this cupholder really my favorite? The next time you go to the supermarket or any store, think about what fills basic needs and what fills superficial needs. Buy food items that  you know you will cook or consume in the upcoming days or week. If you know they will end up in the trash, avoid buying them. You are wasting money and food!

Grow your own veggies! You don’t need more than a small space for pots, seeds, sunlight, and the commitment to watering and taking care of your plants. You can grow your own tomatoes, beans, rice, corn, avocado, lettuce, peppers, amongst others. It is relatively simple and also a relaxing and even therapeutic activity. Harvesting your own food is very rewarding. You will have saved trips (and money) to the supermarket; you will be giving yourself health and also helping the environment!


Saving money, time and misused energy is easy. These are only a few ways which you can start doing it. We invite you to try out these small changes on your daily and weekly routines. You will be making a difference and als

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Grecia’s Gastronomy: Top 5 Restaurants

13/3/2019 4:29 PM

Grecia is a town with a lot of flavor. Apart from the typical sodas with casados, there are pizza places, mexican restaurants and diverse cafes that can surprise you. We chose 5 to comment in this article but this part of Alajuela is definitely a place where gastronomy is growing and is worth checking out!


Are you looking for a taste that is a little bit spicier and more international than a casado? Más Q Sabor Fooi & Drinks is probably the best Tex Mex restaurant in Grecia. It mixes North American dishes like hamburgers with typical Texan burritos or tacos. Don’t miss out on their patacones, nachos, ceviche or fajitas as well. The service is very good and the environment is cozy and pleasant. The music does not exceed in volume which allows a good conversation over good food. Additionally, the quality to price ratio is very decent. They have a lunch and dinner menu alongside a coffee and drinks menu.

Address: Calle 2 Lucas Fernández, next to Correo (PostMail) offices in Grecia


Monday - closed

Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday - 12:00 md to 8:00 PM

Friday to Saturday – 12:00 md to 10:00 PM

2. La Casa de Miguel

Another option with a relaxed, quiet environment and delicious varied plates is La Casa de Miguel. They offer Costa Rican food but their menu is very diverse and you can find many types of dishes. Their beer menu is big both filled with national and international brews. The size of the plate is big and they have received compliments for their garlic fish and their salmon. The terrace is very fresh and the place is very ideal to relax and enjoy an evening meal. The prices have gone high in the past few years but the food is worth it and the service is good as well. They accept reservations, there is parking nearby and there is also an event room you can reserve for special occasions.

Address: 50 meters West of Firemen Department, Central Avenue León Cortés Castro, Grecia


Monday – closed

Tuesday to Thursday – 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Friday to Saturday - 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Sunday - 11:00 AM a 5:00 PM

3. Café del Patio Gourmet Restaurant

This gourmet patio, as the name suggests, is full of charm and nature .The space has plants, an open kitchen and simply a pleasant and intimate environment. Despite the menu not being very extensive, there are options for everyone. It is a good place for children or maybe even a first date. A fresh breeze is always refreshing the space which makes the experience very pleasant in a hot summer day. There are gluten free options and fresh homemade pastries. Service is great and you can even bring your own wine! The plates are created with a lot of passion and creativity, yielding beauty for the eyes as well as the stomach. The only thing that could be a ‘con’ is the prices that have gone high but we still highly recommend it.

Address: 4th Avenue, 4th Street, 4100 Grecia


Monday to Saturday - 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Sunday - closed

4. El Rancho de Nelson

Another restaurant that we chose is Nelson’s Ranch. Nelson himself is always around, making sure the food is made and served with passion and clients are satisfied. He is from the town of Grecia and is very keen to the culinary arts. The variety of the menu is very broad, with typical casado plates (we recommend the ‘special’ casado), steaks, seafood and more. The prices are reasonable and the quantity of food in the plate is decently large. The space itself is not as luxurious but it’s coziness, friendliness of staff and the taste of the food make it a worthwhile experience.

Addresss: 6th Street 6, between 4th and 6th Avenue, Grecia


Monday - 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Tuesday to Sunday - 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

5. Pizza Il Capo

Last but not least, we would like to mention Pizza Il Capo, the best pizza in town! It is located in Mall Plaza and has a very cozy pub like environment. Their pizzas are delicious and have unique flavors. They also offer fresh pasta and big casado plates. Their taste comes from their stone oven, fresh ingredients and dedication with which each pizza is crafted with. Service is good and in reality the plates come out very fast considering how carefully they are prepared. They really have committed chefs! At nights, it feels like a pub or a tavern, welcoming its clients to enjoy a beer. It is a clean place and the environment overall very friendly and comfortable.

Address: Mall Plaza Grecia


Monday to Sunday - 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Despite we only mention five restaurants, if you are a foodie, we recommend that you explore the area. Every day, Grecia attracts more chefs and restaurant investors to join forces and create different types of restaurants. The gastronomy in this town should not be overlooked!

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Mountain Biking in Costa Rica: The first residential living with its own private biking trail, plus other mountainous areas to explore

1/2/2019 5:21 PM

The small town of Grecia in Alajuela is said to have the ‘best climate in the world’. Although this is relative, the majority of mountain bikers will agree that an average of 80 F (26 C) can be a very pleasant temperature for a day of biking. Additionally, Costa Rica is a very sunny country and despite a long and marked rainy season, days are partially clouded and the Sun is always felt. El Canal residential project is very proud to be the first condominium in Costa Rica to have it’s own mountain biking track!

Our residential project is designed with the idea of integrating the natural surroundings of the local mountainous setting into everyday life. With a privileged view to Poás volcano and the adjacent range of the Cordillera Central, a beautiful, peaceful blue and green backdrop encompasses the area. Surrounded by forest and agricultural plantations like coffee, the Alajuela region is very green. Grecia has an elevation of 999 feet and from the town’s center to El Canal, the highway is about 3 miles with a slope gradient of 3%.

Our mountain biking trail classifies as easy to intermediate. It has several ups and downs through coffee plantations and offers a good practice to the beginner biker. It averages 2 miles and blends well with the landscape. As you rush through the coffee fields, you may encounter some sugar cane, or even pop up into an open wide area that will reveal a view of the blue mountainous background. The trail dips back and brings the rider closer to the river below. As you find yourself surrounded by bigger trees and higher bushes, you will be challenged to pedal through.

For those seeking longer and more demanding trails, there are plenty of these around that can be easily accessed, given the immediate proximity to the main highway we have. The classic route of Poás volcano to Grecia is 38.91 miles and classifies as difficult. The Grecia – Cañales - Tacares route is 25.68 miles long and classifies as moderate. You can check for other lengts and difficulties in the trails that are listed here.

The town of Grecia has a local bike shop that has a good variety of merchandise, good repair services and friendly vibes. Everyday, the biking population of Alajuela grows and grows.

All in all, our trail seeks to provide mountain bikers an immersive experience in your own backyard. We understand the excitement and freedom of riding is usually found in longer and more challenging places, but we offer the luxury of having a training ground right next to your home. Additionally, the Costa Rican mountain ranges are less than an hour away.

El Canal is not your average condominium. The houses, apartments, amenities and community concept have all been planned with the purpose of bringing residents closer to their environment. Being in Costa Rica’s privileged lush valleys, we respect and use spaces to create a true outdoors experience.

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Outdoors & Green Living: Come Live in a Peaceful, Nature-filled Residence with Proximity to Top National Parks in Costa Rica

29/1/2019 12:31 PM

Our residential project integrates its natural surroundings into everyday life. A beautiful blue and green backdrop surrounds the housing areas and the amenties as well. Surrounded by forest, coffee plantations, the Alajuela region is very green. During the dry season, our privileged views are splashed with bright orange leaves and flowers amongst the green and blue. The Poró tree (Erythrina Poeppigiana) blossoms between December and April. It is used to create shade for coffee plantations, which are common in the area.

We decided to name our community El Canal, or The Canal, in memory of the terrain’s old watering system, part of the family’s sugar cane business back in the day. The canal that borders the hill upon which the community is built is now a trail, a feature that users can use as a walkway for recreation, sports, and wellbeing. It is decorated with local plants and flowers that border the canal’s flowing water.

Costa Rica is the ideal location for wellness: with untouched, lush nature in abundance and easy access to such, it is very easy to disconnect from a stressful lifestyle. For those who want a deeper immersion in nature, there is also access to the river and small waterfall nearby. In this canopy, you can observe many bird species, including toucans and hummingbirds. The small pool below the waterfall offers a refreshing swim that can revitalize you during a hot day.

Our natural sounds and sights will walk you towards inner peace and calm. The advantages of having green natural surroundings are many. A study funded by the National Institute of Health demonstrated how people living in green places, defined in this case as having the most vegetation within 800 feet of their homes, had a 12% lower rate of mortality. The relationship was highest with cancer, respiratory and kidney related diseases. It also has a strong positive effect on mental health, which in turn builds into physical health. We offer proximity to nature, guaranteeing it’s restorative power will enhance your family’s health.

The master plan of the community includes a Health Complex that will have a yoga deck and a wellness center with various services, ranging from acupuncture and nutrition to basic gym facilities, swimming pools and soccer fields. Residents will have access to all of these. Once again, the design is thought out to blend with the local environment. All the buildings allow in abundant natural light and offer amazing views of Alajuela’s mountains. The trail bordering the Canal connects this end with health and sports facilities to the community and living area. This walkway follows the tree and river path as well as the encircling mountainous range.

Last but not least, Alajuela province offers beautiful, wildlife-filled day trips. For residents that are craving more adventure, more animals and more green, Bajos del Toro, La Paz Waterfalls and Poás Volcano are all only an hour drive away from us. Bajos del Toro, located 18.6 miles from El Canal, is one of Costa Rica’s hidden gems of forests and trails. There is parking, showers, and it is an easy 2 mile hike to the first small waterfall. The bright blue pool welcomes any visitor in its relatively cold waters. Further up, there is another bigger waterfall that more advanced hikers can visit. This rainy area is very lush and green, with plants of all forms and shapes. There are birds, amphibians and mammals around, including the puma.

Poás Volcano National Park, located 25 miles from El Canal, recently reopened its doors to visitors. With over 16,000 acres, it offers trail hikes of all sorts, including the typical walk to its 950 feet deep volcanic crater. The park’s mountains have a very diverse wildlife, ranging from squirrels, toucans, tanagers and flycatchers to bigger mammals like coyotes and marmots.  

La Paz Waterfalls, located 27 miles from El Canal, is the most visited privately-owned ecological attraction in the country. As touristy as it sounds, the area offers plenty to the visitor: hiking trails, five waterfalls, insect exhibition, big cloud and rainforest areas, serpentarium, hummingbird garden and  a lot more. The gardens and surrounding forest are worth the visit due to its wide variety of services, wildlife and activities.

In the close vicinity, Grecia has the “Chorros” Waterfalls, located 8.6 miles from El Canal. The access has just been fixed and the town is promoting visits to this small yet lush park. The hike is not that easy, but once the view of the waterfall is seen, it is worth it. The views of the countryside are beautiful. The water is cold but can be refreshing if you are up for a swim. There are picnic tables, the environment is very welcoming and fortunately it never gets crowded. This is only a 20 minute drive from El Canal.

Another highlight in Alajuela we recommend is the Forest Reserve named the Forest of Children, located 56 miles from El Canal. The entrance fee is less than $2 for the day and $4 if you wish to camp overnight. It has showers, bathrooms, picnic area, camping zone with grill, and there is even a building you can rent out as accommodation. There are two trails: one that is easier and shorter that leads to a perfect sunset view, and a more challenging and longer one that leads to a beautiful waterfall. This sunny, mountainous, pine tree filled reserve is the perfect weekend escape to immerse yourself in a peaceful green space.

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What type of residential living am I looking for?

1/2/2019 5:21 PM

If you are thinking and starting to plan the next stage of your life and looking for a new home, you should be considering several factors in your decision making process. Here we mention and list things you should have in mind and how to choose the correct residential for you.

Sizes of spaces

Is it only you and your spouse? Are you having dogs, kids and both soon? Consider well how many people and pets are going to live in this space. One person can live comfortably with a bedroom, kitchen, study or work space, and a relaxation or recreational space. Also think about you work or hobby, and how much space your tools or toys require. Are you an architect or painter that uses big tables, or simply a techie that needs good Internet and a good couch? Lastly, think about parking space and how many cars your family has and will be using.

Condominium El Canal offers houses and also apartments of different sizes. Depending on what you are looking for and for how many, we offer the following:

Our regular house has 2072 sq. ft., which includes:

-3 rooms

-2 bathrooms

-2 parking spots

Our large house has 2287 sq. ft., which includes:

-4 rooms

-3 bathrooms

-2 parking spots

Our 2-bedroom apartment has 811 sq. ft., which includes:

-2 rooms

-2 bathrooms

-1 parking spot

Our 3-bedroom apartment has 986 sq. ft., which includes:

-3 rooms

-2 bathrooms

-1 parking spot

Our townhouse has 1561 sq. ft., which includes:

-3 rooms

-2 bathrooms

-2 parking spots

Size of residential project

Speaking of size, you also have to consider the size of the neighborhood.

Are you looking for a town-like feel or maybe a more intimate place where kids know each other and go for a bike ride together? The sense of community that exists will depend on the size of the neighborhood and how many people live in it. El Canal is a residential project that includes, with amenities and recreational areas, has 56.5 acres in which the apartments and houses are distributed amongst the local nature. The clubhouse and its amenities are included in this number along with the paved stone streets.

The residential is designed in a way that your property has privacy. Trees surround the house and the garden so that you and your family can have their own space. But once you walk around the street, you can appreciate and connect with your neighbors, the trees that border our green areas, and at the very end of the residence, the club house and its amenities. We provide a balance in which you can have your personal life but also be a part of a community.

Construction materials

The construction and the materials out of which your future apartment and house are made of is another big factor to consider. You have to think if it looks good, if it is resistant, if it accumulates heat, if it protects from the rain, if it can be painted over, and so on. Our houses have walls made of reinforced concrete, roofs made out of asphalt tile, and windows of PVC. The windows are big and wide to let natural lightning in. We want to make sure you and your family are healthy and made this decision based on the health benefits it brings. (Read more on the article on wide windows and its health benefits here)


Security is something that in Costa Rica, as an emerging country, is a must. Grecia is actually not an unsafe place. It classifies as the top 20 safe canton out of the 81 cantons in the country. Nonetheless, we invest in security 24/7 to guarantee safety at all hours of the day through out the whole week. A motorcycle guard watches the perimeter that fences the residential and there are also cameras. We work with the best security companies in the country to provide our residents safety in all the possible ways.

All types of amenities

Are you a swimmer? Mountain biker? The amenities that a residential has to offer can make the difference in choosing your next housing. It is not only the convenience of having a gym nearby, but also a supermarket, a yoga studio and a pharmacy. Residential El Canal is designed so that you have everything you need close by: a clubhouse, a dog park, a kid’s playground, a mountain biking trail (yes, you read right, we are the first residential in Costa Rica with a mountain biking trail!), soccer and tennis fields, swimming pool area, green spaces, Sports Complex, Medical Area, Commercial Area and more. (To read in detail about our amenities please click here)


Another thing to keep in mind is location. Are you looking for a city or a town? Proximity to offices or nature? Maybe somewhere in between. How long do you want to drive to your job? All these questions are key when choosing your new home.

Residential El Canal has a very privileged location, which is a drive from:

-25 minutes from Juan Santamaría International Airport

-20 minutes from free trade zone El Coyol, which has the top medical device companies in the country

-35 minutes from Escazú, a trending neighborhood

-1 hour and 20 minutes from Jacó Beach

-40 minutes from downtown San José

-1 hour from Poás Volcano National Park

-7 minutes from Grecia town center

Depending on what you are looking for, whether it is city, town, beach, mountain, Grecia is very privileged because we are relatively close to all of these. Picture this: you work for a top company in El Coyol free trade zone, a 20 minute morning drive. You come back home and you can swim, bike our trail, or maybe just drink coffee with your family in your yard. Saturday, you decide to visit downtown San José and its markets, theaters or parks. As you integrate and participate in cultural activities, you decide to stop by for dinner in Escazú’s trendy restaurants. Sunday you wake up early and do beach day. You enjoy a ceviche and a mojito as you take in all the Sun and the waves you can. You come back in time to prepare for another week of work. In our residential El Canal, this is possible!


Although you might be a city dweller, nature is a very important element to consider when picking a new place to live. Being surrounded by green brings calm, wellbeing and can even increase life expectancy according to a study by the National Institute of Health in the US. Some people seek spaces very deep in the jungle, others look for buildings close to parks. Of all the offers that the Costa Rican market has, El Canal’s has a good balance. We have cobbled streets and three floor apartments, but we keep the unique mountain views and the lush green as available as possible.

The Central Valley mountains can be appreciated from any location within our complex. The blue and green create a unique natural feeling of being surrounded with peace. We respect the local flora and fauna and we call ourselves a green living residential or ‘ecoresidential’. During dry season, Poró trees flower with a bright orange that contrasts again the green coffee plantations of the scenery. Our green areas are big and residents can enjoy and relax in them.

Maintenance expenses

If you are moving to a shared space, you must consider maintenance expenses of the whole residential and the quality of such services. The cleaning of the pool and green areas, security, amongst others, are a priority in order for the space to be organized and so that residents can live calmly and peacefully. This is constant and it should be a fair price. El Canal assures that the maintenance is of the best quality and the best price. We know how important it is for residents to have the full experience of a comfortable and safe neighborhood.

And with this, we close the list of factors to consider when house hunting. It is focused on residentials, which are shared spaces that aim to give you and your family safety, comfort, health and happiness. El Canal was designed and built with a lot of care and all these factors in mind.

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Neighborhood amenities that matter: El Canal has them all!

1/2/2019 5:21 PM

When it comes to choosing your next home, the neighborhood and the amenities it comes with matter. Because homes can be remodeled, the area in which you choose your home should give you a good feel, be safe, and satisfy your needs. Condominio el Canal is a residential project that brings the best amenities within the same complex, including health, commercial and green areas. It is located a 5 minute drive from Grecia’s town center, keeping you free from the daily traffic but also keeping you close for the times you do wish to visit.

Our commercial area has its own supermarket. Automercado offers the best and freshest products Costa Rica has to offer. Its international product variety is big and it also includes a bakery, fresh fish and meats, and a wide range of local vegetables and fruits.

Another important element to consider when purchasing your next home is proximity to offices. In our case, El Coyol Free Trade Zone is located 9.6 miles (15.6 kilometers) and is host to 26 medical device companies. With 264 acres of land, it employs over 12,000 people and is ranked number two Top Free Zones in Latin America and the Caribbean. This area has a growing economic potential that in one way or another, affects Grecia and El Canal residents.

Let’s talk fitness. When it comes to living, what better amenity than those related to our health and wellness? Our Health Complex includes:

Medical Center

With a potential OR, Vitalis Medical Center has a commercial medical area with a pharmacy, an optic, a laboratory and an image center. The upper floors have many dental and medical offices. Most doctors in Costa Rica are affiliated to the Caja del Seguro Social and even foreigners can join this universal healthcare system (Read more about la Caja and Costa Rica’s healthcare system in our blog post on Top 10 Reasons to live in Costa Rica).

Sports Area

As of now, the design includes soccer fields, a swimming pool and a fitness center with lockers, showers, a small restaurant and a kid’s playground. Because we know that the whole family needs entertainment, we provide a space that gives everyone an opportunity to engage in sports or relax in their own way.

Wellness Center

El Canal’s highlight is outdoors. Costa Rica’s climate allows you to be outside every single day of the year. And it is no ordinary ‘outside’. The tranquility and peace of the surrounding nature is felt on our grounds. Our gardens integrate the local fauna to provide a unique ‘disconnecting’ experience on our yoga decks and massage gazebos. Other alternative services that the Wellness section offers include: cardiac rehabilitation center, physical therapy, nutritionist and acupuncture.

Outdoor Recreation Areas

El Canal, or The Channel, surrounds the property and will be a sidewalk for sports and recreation. The center of this channel has an amphitheater designed for weddings and events. The Channel is bordered and decorated with colorful local plants that attract birds and match the flow of its slow moving water. A stroll next to this peaceful amenity will guarantee the wellbeing of our residents. Last but not least, the surrounding blue mountains provide an intimate feeling with Costa Rica’s lush nature.

School for your children

The town of Grecia is planning on building a school for children right next to the property. If you are planning on raising your family in Costa Rica, this could be a game changer. El Condominio El Canal aims to collaborate to create the best primary school in the area. Nonetheless, Grecia is a growing town and has 52 education centers, both private and public, including primary schools, high schools and other specialized institutions.

Amenities within Residential Living

Inside the residential living, a few block from your future apartment we offer: A clubhouse, a swimming pool, tennis and soccer courts, a kid’s playground, a mountain biking trail, a dog park, green areas and trails to take a relaxing walk while taking in the view.

Unique Mountain Views

We could not emphasize more on our unique mountain views. Grecia is located in the southwestern slope of Poás Volcano and is surrounded by ridges and valleys. Condominio El Canal is located at the outskirts of the town a 10 minute drive away, and happens to have a privileged view of the blue and green mountains. The Central Mountain Range of Costa Rica is 50 miles long and Poás Volcano is 8,884 feet tall. Anywhere you go, you have a backdrop with a strip of this beautiful mountain range. In the rainy season, they become deep blue and at certain times of the day surrounded by white clouds. In the dry season, bright orange flowers blossom and decorate the green and brown coffee plantations in the area. You will never grow tired of this peaceful and relaxing setting.

24/7 Security in a Safe Gated Community

El Canal is a gated community with security 24/7 that offers controlled access. Being closed will guarantee you safety and privacy but also think about the following benefits: a sense of community, no traffic or speeding vehicles, better property value, a green environment, eco friendly living, and your children’s safety. El Canal is a concept that is carefully thought out, designed and built to provide this and more! We aim to be the best community in the best climate.

Travelling: proximity to Airport

Condominio El Canal is 14.5 miles (23.4 kilometers) away from Juan Santamaría International Airport. This route is a main highway that is free of traffic during non-peak hours. You are a 23 minute car ride to one of the busiest and most comfortable airports in Latin America. Non-stop flights to major cities in the US and other parts of the world are opened on a weekly basis. Not into flying? If you are into travelling within Costa Rica or Alajuela, check out the blog post on cool adventures you can explore in the area (Outdoors & Green Living).

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