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    A green minded gated community.

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    Greener and greener: more than 25,000 plants and 160 different species reforested

    Condominio el Canal is a conscious condominium that thinks about the well-being of the planet and your well-being as well. It has been proven that living surrounded by nature improves people's physical, mental and emotional health. The Canal community seeks to focus on promoting these values and we started with the space and the environment that surrounds us. Our project today has more than 20,000 m2 of green areas, more than 160 different species, including 34 trees, 30 low-growing trees, 33 shrubs and tall ornamentals, 58 ornamentals and 5 palm trees, which have successfully complemented the existing wild ones, both on the edge of the canal and in the protection area of the river.

    Daylighting and cross-ventilation: intelligent and efficient design

    We design spaces with your well-being and that of the planet in mind. Our efficient and intelligent design focuses on high windows, sliding doors, and as many windows as possible, in order to have two very important elements: wind and light. Natural light is important for mental health, good visibility during the day, and the natural feeling as opposed to highly illuminated light bulbs. It also allows savings in light and electricity. In addition, we design all our apartments and houses in a distribution that always guarantees cross ventilation.

    Standard Homes XL Houses River Tower Lake Towers Main Amenities Lake Walk and Park River Amenities Guapinol Park Bosque del Rio Trail Park el Canal loop Canal Walk Entrance Park Bosque del Rio Protected Reserve River Waterfall River Pool River Beach Coffee plantation on the way down to River Beach Coffee plantation on the Canal slope Waterfall Park Surfskate Park Natural amphitheater surrounded by coffee plantations Yellow Top Tree Park

    Main Amenities

    Amenities are one of the highlights and most important parts of our community. The clubhouse, pool and courts are a space to rest, to work (coworking in the clubhouse rooms and at the clubhouse tables), to exercise and to socialize.

    A sunset on the clubhouse lounge chairs, or a Saturday morning at the pool will leave your mouth open. It is a feeling of enjoyment and peace. It's very relaxing just to view the mountains and the landscape. We plan and distribute plenty of space for each amenity so that all condominium owners can enjoy recreation and the outdoors.

    Lake Walk and Park

    Part of our vision is working with bodies of water like the water channel ('el canal'). This also includes our artificial lake. It is a quiet, serene and peaceful space. The park and the surrounding areas in which you can sit and relax are varied and there are several views to take in and just enjoy. The lake attracts ducks and other birds and is a very relaxing area to visit.

    River Amenities

    We have added tables and spaces to enjoy this sacred and peaceful space that nature has given us. The river amenities are made to truly go deep into the forest. Here you can enjoy the greenery, bring a picnic, and relax to the sound of the river.

    Guapinol Park

    This small hill with a Guapinol tree in the middle is a highlight of the corner of the pool amenities. You can bring your dog, your family, or come alone to enjoy the sunset and the views. It is a higher point that allows you to appreciate a 360 of this part and really feel the mountains.

    Bosque del Rio Trail

    This trail borders the river and is a very pleasant and refreshing walk. You will be bordering and walking next to large trees, some more medium sized ones, and many other plants, flowers, birds and animals. It is one of the greenest parts of the Canal and a place to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.

    Park el Canal loop

    This corner very close to the Canal is a pleasant space to sit and rest, while enjoying the view. You are surrounded by the flow of the water of El Canal and at the same time you can appreciate the view of the old apartments. To the other side you see the club house, and in between, the impressive view of the mountains and the coffee plantations.

    Canal Walk

    Walking along 'El Canal' is always a very pleasant and peaceful activity. In this short walk around the first towers, you will be bordering the water of the channel. There are flowers and plants that decorate it. Here you can appreciate the views to the South, West and feel the valley's mountainviews. Bordering the first houses and overlooking unique landscapes, you reach the amenities and there is a small bridge that passes over the Canal itself and you are already in the area of the clubhouse and pool. The plants we placed around the flowing water attract hummingbirds, bees, and other animals that add a lot of peace and harmony to this walk. The end of the Canal Trail has another small bridge that connects to the amenities and eventually to the Lake Park.

    Entrance Park

    When you enter the Canal, crossing the security guards, we have reserved a space to be outdoors. We have set up two 'playgrounds' for the children and some tables for those waiting for the bus. It is a simple and quiet recreational space with a view of the Poas Volcano, where you can come to relax and enjoy the view of the mountains and the sky.

    Bosque del Rio Protected Reserve

    This area is very green, very intimate with nature and a unique space of tranquility. If you want freshness, shade and to breathe peace, visiting this area of the project is something you cannot miss. You can observe toucans, small birds, butterflies, among many other animals and insects. You are immersed in the forest and its trees.

    River Waterfall

    At the end of the trail or river, to the northwest, is the small waterfall part of the Agualote River. The locals have titled it 'El Salto' and it is a space where you can relax, watch the water flow, jump and enjoy its beauty.

    River Pool

    The pool below the small waterfall is a space where you can potentially swim but sometimes there is a lot of water. It is also an area to enjoy the coolness of the shade of the trees, appreciate the flow of water, and get into nature.

    River Beach

    This area of the river is very special because it is a space where the earth touches the water. This little beach has potential for picnics, for meditation, or simply for contemplation. The River Beach is a space where the breeze blows, you are surrounded by tall, green and big trees, and you can disconnect and appreciate Nature.

    Coffee plantation on the way down to Playa del Rio

    Walking down to the Agualote River and the River Amenities is a magical experience. First of all, you feel the immersion. You are going down and into the forest and you can already feel the energy of the trees and the river itself. As you get closer, you can see and appreciate the coffee plantations. This coffee plantation is part of the history of this piece of land and we preserve it because it is part of the ecosystem.

    Coffee plantation on the Canal slope

    When you border and walk along the Canal, on one side we have purple blue flowers, plumelias and plants that attract hummingbirds, and more. On the north and west side, a small coffee plantation. The coffee plant is an icon of the area and part of the land that surrounds us. It decorates, feeds and is an essential part of the ecosystem. Eventually we want to harvest it. The Canal has its design around its geography. We work with and on the slopes, the native plants, and the landscape itself.

    Waterfall Park

    Parque de las Cascadas is located to the south of the project and is a space surrounded by trees, a small waterfall which is where the Canal flows. It is a corner that also connects the Lake Park area where you can come to appreciate the sunset. It has a feeling of being surrounded and immersed by nature.

    Surfskate Park

    Next to our soccer fields we designed a space for lovers of movement and a unique amenity of its kind: the Surfskate park is a kind of ramp and bowl at the same time that allows you to skate, practice on your skateboard or skates, and learn this entertaining sport.

    Natural amphitheater surrounded by coffee plantations

    Another coffee plantation that we left untouched so that the energy of these plants, the large trees that surround them, and the view itself create a unique and relaxing landscape. This corner is the end and south of the project and has quite impressive sunset views. It creates a sort of natural amphitheater that envelops you and makes you feel part of the green.

    Yellow Top Tree Park

    Nothing more elegant and refreshing than being surrounded by yellow tree 'cortés amarillo' and their golden looking flowers. In January and February, these trees bring a lot of magic to Grecia area. We are privileged to have this small park with several cortes blooming and adding grace to this corner near Lake Park.



    green areas

    387500 sq ft of

    Unique amenities, including a 1 km trail with panoramic views along the canal.

    lake surrounded by centennial trees

    space for
    communal garden

    1.24 miles in front of
    river with waterfall
    and forest

    botanical garden

    A condominium that thinks about your well-being and that of your family.

    yoga and meditation room

    pet park

    playgrounds for

    2 sanctuaries
    surrounded by

    club house and game room

    fully equipped gym

    6 BBQ ranchs
    next to the canal

    co-working area

    Perfect for sports lovers. Our condominium has a semi-Olympic swimming pool, basketball courts, 5-a-side soccer, tennis courts, skate surf court, equipped gym, multipurpose room for yoga, and trails of all kinds.

    3.1 miles of

    6 sports courts

    3.1 miles of trails
    for MTB

    8072 sq ft of
    infinity pool
    with view

    A unique pool design, with a semi-Olympic swimming area, children's pool, and an infinity shaft surrounded by panoramic views. Treated with salts to create a space for relaxation, sports and recreation.

    Our Homes

    Carefully designed to take advantage of the magical topography of the area and make the most of the natural resources. Plentiful windows and with much higher ceilings than average so that natural light and ventilation generate a sense of wellbeing inside, and also help save costs and energy.

    natural lighting

    intelligent and efficient design

    cross ventilation
    and high ceilings

    support for electric vehicles