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The orange pores: views rich in colors

Poró Gigante, or Giant Poró, is a specific species of Poró tree found in Costa Rica. This species is also known as Erythrina poeppigiana and is a member of the pea family, with bright red flowers that bloom in clusters at the end of each branch. The tree is native to Central and South America and can reach a height of up to 30 meters with a trunk circumference of up to 4 meters.

The giant poro on the trails on the way to the coffee plantations that lead to the old bridge of the Naranjo bungee.

The giant Poró is a particularly significant species of Poró tree due to its multiple uses. One of its most notable uses is in reforestation efforts, as its rapid growth and extensive root system make it an ideal tree for erosion control and soil stabilization. The tree can also provide shade for coffee and cocoa plants, as well as for livestock. In addition, Poró Gigante is an important source of firewood, and its leaves and flowers have a variety of medicinal uses.

The Poró Gigante is also an important part of Costa Rica's culture and history. Indigenous groups in the country have used the tree for its medicinal properties for centuries. It is also believed that the tree played a role in traditional religious ceremonies, with its flowers representing the blood of Christ.

The orange poros enrich and add color to the views from the El Canal trailhead, the clubhouse, and indeed most of the area feels especially saturated at this time of year.

In Costa Rica, the Poró Gigante is often found in public parks and plazas, adding to the natural beauty of the country. It is also a popular tree for planting in backyards, as it attracts birds and other wildlife with its bright flowers and provides ample shade.

The Poró Gigante is an iconic tree species in Costa Rica, with its striking red flowers and multiple uses. Whether you are enjoying its shade on a hot day, using its wood to fuel a fire or admiring its beauty in a park, the Poró Gigante is a true symbol of the country's natural and cultural heritage.

The poros on the other side of the river
The orange pores around the lake
The poros from an aerial view

A green (and orange!) project

Condominio El Canal is a project that values nature and being close to it. It preserves 60% of the green area. A great diversity and quantity of trees, bushes and grasses have been planted or reforested. In addition, many trees that were already on the property have been preserved as they are. This includes the very living things that reside in them, insects, birds, mammals. We promote and ask that our community respect them and maintain harmony. We want to bring you closer to the poros, to the espaveles, to the coffee itself, in your daily life. We want you to share and enjoy the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer.

If you are ready to live surrounded by green, do not hesitate to write to us.




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