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River Tower 3

This Tower offers three-bedroom apartments in 4 different models, all of them large and spacious, on levels 1 to 5. All of them can comfortably accommodate a large family. These spacious apartments offer not only comfort, but views, cross ventilation, and plenty of light in the different spaces. This is the sixth tower design we have created and each time we optimize and improve the use and details of the space. Additionally, in this tower, the 6th level offers two luxury apartments of 5 bedrooms each.

The 3-bedroom apartments are offered in 4 designs:

  • 125m2 with 2.5 bathrooms
  • 142m2 with 3.5 bathrooms
  • 155m2 corner lot with 3.5 bathrooms and TV room
  • 166m2 corner lot with 3.5 bathrooms and TV room

It is located very close to the Agualote River, in the area of the waterfall and the River Club. These six floors have a view from the balcony to a canopy of trees that causes a feeling of closeness to the green. The espaveles, oaks, jocotes and coffee trees are in front of your apartment. Behind is the mountain where in summer you can appreciate the sunset.

In addition to having this unique view of nature, you can hear the river. The element of tranquility provided by listening to the water all day long is very relaxing.

We built on terraces, therefore the parking and entrance is on the fifth floor. The entrance to the building has a common hallway where the stairs and elevator are (the entire project aims to adhere to and promote Law 7600 and be accessible to all). This hallway is symmetrical on both sides of the tower and each corner leads to the doors of two apartments.

LEVELS 1, 2, 3, 4 AND 5


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