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7 simple habits to start the year

The start of a new year is the perfect time to establish new routines that bring us closer to a fuller, more balanced life. In a community that embraces wellness and connection with nature, adopting simple habits can make a difference in how we live and experience our day-to-day lives. Here are seven habits that can transform your year into one of personal growth and connection with your environment:

1. Rise with the sun

In a community immersed in nature, connecting with natural cycles can be revitalizing. Getting up early to receive the first rays of the sun allows us to start the day with energy and make the most of the daylight hours. Sometimes it sounds difficult, but day after day, the body adapts. It is a matter of turning off TV, cell phones and screens earlier in the day, and getting to sleep before 10:00 PM if possible.

The clubhouse and pool is a great place to enjoy the outdoor views.

2. Practice daily gratitude

Cultivating gratitude is key to happiness. Take a few minutes each day to reflect on what you are grateful for. It may be the beauty of the natural environment around you, meaningful relationships, or small moments of joy. Gratitude expands happiness in powerful ways. It is a simple and easy habit to incorporate into your day.

3. Walk in nature

Take advantage of the trails and natural spaces your community has to offer. Walking outdoors reduces stress, improves your mood and strengthens your connection with nature. At Condominio El Canal, we have a variety of trails and paths for daily walks. The main trail along the Canal (the body of water that surrounds the clubhouse) is about a kilometer long and many condo owners walk with their dog, child or partner, appreciating the views and the nature around them.

Walking the path along the Canal is very relaxing.

4. Dedicate time to meditation or mindfulness.

The practice of meditation or mindfulness can have a remarkable impact on mental and emotional health. Set aside a few minutes a day to meditate, focus on your breathing or simply be present in the moment. One of the most popular habits in the last decade, meditating can be life-changing.

5. Eat local and organic food

In a community committed to wellness, prioritizing local and organic food is a way to take care of your health and support local producers. Visit local markets or join sustainable agriculture programs. In Greece, the Farmer's Fair is one of the cheapest and freshest produce markets in the country. There is a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, cheeses and bakery that will bring you wellness and health.

6. Disconnect from technology

While technology is useful, it can also create distractions. Set times to disconnect from your phone and screens, allowing you to connect more deeply with your environment and those around you.

One of many hummingbirds that visit our gardens

7. Cultivate community relationships

Value and nurture relationships with your neighbors and the community in general. Participate in group activities, collaborate in community projects or simply share moments of conviviality. Human relationships are nurtured by moments and experiences with other humans.

Adopting these seven simple habits can make a big difference in your lifestyle within a community focused on wellness and nature. By making these habits an integral part of your daily routine, you can experience a greater connection with your environment, a deeper personal well-being and a start to the year filled with positivity and growth.

Thank you for reading our blog, following our pages and showing interest in our community. Condominio El Canal aims to be the greenest and most comprehensive condominium of 2024. We create spaces and homes for people who love nature and seek a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.