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A Life Surrounded by Nature: Benefits of Living Closer to Green

Living in a natural environment can improve your well-being: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. Living in a community and a space that values nature, health and being in harmony with the external and internal environment.

The gardens of Condominio El Canal

As we grow, we contemplate in time all the changes we have lived through. It is not only construction of buildings, planting of trees, gardens and plants, beautiful amenities with paths and trails in Nature, but an atmosphere that integrates all this and gives a feeling to the visitor. To live in the Canal means to be well, [...]

Top 5 gastronomic places in Grecia

Grecia is a town with a lot of flavor. Apart from the typical sodas with casados, there are several pizzerias, Mexican restaurants and cafes that may surprise you. We chose 5 to comment in this article but it is definitely an area of Alajuela in which gastronomy is growing. 1. MASQSABOR Are you looking for a slightly spicier taste [...]

Why buy a house in Costa Rica?

A country that welcomes foreigners If you are thinking of moving to another country, or investing in a second home, Costa Rica is a good option to consider. Costa Rica is the country in Latin America with the highest percentage of immigrants living within the territory. It is estimated that an [...]

Living outdoors and surrounded by greenery

Come live in a condominium full of nature and close to unique national parks. Our residential project integrates the natural environment into daily living. The blue and green views of the mountain panorama surround the living area and amenity area as well. The region of Alajuela boasts of forested areas with plantations of [...]