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Benefits of living near a free trade zone

What is a free trade zone and is it good to be near them? Here we tell you about this economic phenomenon that is happening in Costa Rica and improving certain parts of the country, including Greece.

Why invest in real estate in the mountainous area of Greece?

Buying in Greece has many advantages at the moment. Houses, apartments, amenities, nature, a quiet town, and more. Read why we think it's a good year to invest.

Sliding doors: illuminating and beautifying your home in Greece

Sliding doors are an iconic type of construction and design in the Canal. From the clubhouse, to apartments and homes, we have this window door design that allows lots of natural light to enter and create an illuminated space, as well as allowing you to appreciate the view.

Yoga and meditation: practices to find inner peace

Have you ever practiced yoga, meditation, did you know the benefits that these practices bring? Let's talk a little bit about it, and why it is very special and positive to start practicing it, especially in Nature.

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